Maintaining Tips

A beautiful thing is always worth your maintenance.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Cutlery

  • 1.First clean your cutlery in hot water and washing up liquid. It’s important to remove excess food as quickly as possible after eating as the salt and acids will cause gradual damage.

  • 2.Hand dry with a clean non-abrasive cloth to remove any water spots. The quicker you dry your cutlery, the better as the open air will cause unwanted natural drying marks.

 *Some of our cutlery can NOT be washed with acid substances, such as vinegar. It will cause handle fading. (Except all stainless steel tableware)

NOT Recommend to Put Stainless Steel Cutlery In Dishwasher

Most experts say it’s okay to put stainless steel products in the dishwasher—but with a few caveats. The general fear is that detergent and excessive humidity will corrode the metal, and that acidic food soils will tarnish its polish. It’s also recommended that, if you do choose to put stainless steel in the dishwasher, it should be placed in the upper rack or the cutlery basket and spaced far enough away from other materials so as to ensure proper washing and drying. However, we feel there are far too many precautions, and that you’re better off just washing stainless steel by hand.

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